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Anyone who has ever had the task of preaching or teaching week by week, be it a sermon, bible study, or small group, knows that the life of a minister is marked not in years, days, hours, or seconds, the pastor’s life is marked by weeks. Sunday is perpetually on its way. Will you be ready this week? Will you be able to balance the many commitments of church and home life?

Every pastor knows, at least once, the Saturday night scramble. Those times where you are sweating bullets between the bullet points of your outline. You are fighting to pull together the last bit of your conclusion, slapping on some worn out introductory story because you just can’t think of anything else.

And who hasn’t been dogged by these dread thoughts, “Is this the week I will walk into the pulpit empty handed and have to apologize to my congregation? Is it too late to cancel church? Maybe the Lord will intervene! ‘Please, Father, bring a snow storm!'”

I want to assure you that the pastor’s week can be more stable—your week can be more stable.

Think of the Reformers and Puritans. Men of the past left prodigious mountains of ministerial work each week. The surviving works of these men stand as testimony to the potential usefulness of men to God. But have you ever stopped to consider that most of our heroes of the faith were not afforded the many advantages we have today? Solomon had no access to commentaries, Luther lacked WIFI, and Owen knew of no word processor—yet look at the bursting chests of treasure these men have left us!

For those of us who live in this time of profound technological advancement, the problem we hope to solve is simple. How will we leverage the many advantages of technology and accessible information while staving off its dark side of distraction?

At The Pastor’s Week we want to help you to make the most of the time, for the days are evil (Ephesians 5:16).

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About Me

My name is Reagan Rose

I am a servant of Jesus Christ who believes that for those who are called into full time ministry, we have a duty to maximize the effectiveness of our time, talents, and unique situations that we might bring more glory to Christ. To that end, this blog is an endeavor to help you do the same by providing insights, tools, and methods to increase your productivity so that you might “make the most of the time…” (Ephesians 5:16).

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