Book Stands, Bible Study, and Back Strain


Book stands have revolutionized my lesson preparation time. And whether you’re a pastor or a seminary student, I’m betting they can do the same for you.

I discovered book stands a few years back while teaching through the book of Romans. I bought three portable wire book stands and I have been using them ever since. They have been so beneficial, especially in the commentary phase of my study. It is so nice to have 10 commentaries open at once so I can go through them verse-by-verse.

I still use those wire book stands, but I have recently updated my “main” stand to a Wiztem—an affordable yet versatile option which I am really enjoying. But before I tell you about the Wiztem, maybe you’re wondering if a book stand is even something you want.

Why You Need a Bookstand

There’s a trade-off when you buy a book stand. On one hand, you’ll look like a huge geek, but on the other hand, there are several real benefits.

  1. Book stands are ergonomic. They help with posture to save you from a sore neck and back. your-spine-and-bookstands
  2. Book stands allow you to read hands-free. Sip your coffee or take notes while the book is held open for you. It’s like a personal biblio-butler.
  3. Book stands take up less space. If you use a smaller desk, having the books seated upright saves on precious workspace leaving you more room to take notes.
  4. Book stands hold multiple books open at once. Some books just don’t want to stay open. Even with paperweights, it can be annoying to try and hold more than one book open at a time. Now you can have more books open simultaneously (again, great for commentaries).
  5. Book stands make you look like a boss. Granted, a nerdy, nerdy boss. “Pardon me while I leaf through some ancient texts in my study.”


Which one Should I buy?

If you’re convinced, I have an affordable book stand I recommend. Check out my review of the Wiztem Jazmine Bookstand.

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