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10 Tips for Success in Seminary


Seminary is hard. That’s a fact.
But with the right mindset and the right tools, the workload can be made more manageable. It is crucial that as seminary students we practice good study habits now, so that we will be prepared for a lifetime of diligent and productive study of God’s Word.

5 Tips to Save You From Ministry Email Overload


Look, we all hate email. The inbox, she hounds us. Messages never stop piling up, Most of them useless, and the whole email affair seems to be this never ending time-suck. No sooner do we beat back the beast than it’s back with another newsletter, urgent request, or CC/Reply All serpent of death! But like it or not, email is a form of communication that is here to stay. And as ministry...

My Strategic Objective is Covered in Guacamole


That was the thought that passed through my head as I sat at the dinner table last night, trying to get my life organized. I’m in the middle of launching this blog, remodeling a website for my day job, juggling several freelance gigs, and reading tons of productivity books to try and keep it all together—Did I mention that I’m also a full time seminary student? So, in my...

Why Pastors Must Produce


Productivity is a buzzword, to be sure. I almost regret using it to describe Christian ministry. The term “productivity” encapsulates an entire genre of books, apps, conferences—even diets. But for the pastor, called by God to feed Christ’s sheep and to shepherd the flock with care, productivity is different than the world’s version. Productivity becomes more than a matter...

About Me

My name is Reagan Rose

I am a servant of Jesus Christ who believes that for those who are called into full time ministry, we have a duty to maximize the effectiveness of our time, talents, and unique situations that we might bring more glory to Christ. To that end, this blog is an endeavor to help you do the same by providing insights, tools, and methods to increase your productivity so that you might “make the most of the time…” (Ephesians 5:16).

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